Architectural Signs

Architectural signs are often the first things noticed in any type of building. This can be the entrance to a Business Park or Industrial Estate, office complex or school, or other types of business premises.

Architectural signs and architectural signage, therefore, play an important role in establishing a good first impression of all types of organizations.

Architectural signs can greatly enhance the look and image of your property or business site. Bigidea offers a variety of attractive and lasting architectural sign solutions that can incorporate your logo, color and graphics in a professional, visually pleasing manner

We can meet all your signage needs in a wide range of different formats, including:
• Pylon Signs
• Post and panel
• Wordbars
• Wall & ceiling mounted signs
• Directory signs
• Illuminated and non-illuminated
• ADA Signs Tactile and Braille
Whether for interior or exterior use, we aim to provide world class signage and way finding solutions in the built environment.
We can also arrange the maintenance and service contracts that will keep your signs in peak condition.

Architectural signs

We offer a wide range of signage products which can be tailored to meet the needs of both the architect and the end user. Our signs have been used in:
• Hotels
• Corporate headquarters
• Government buildings
• Hospitals
• Museums

Architectural signage is signage that is mounted on to, or is part of the building.

Bigidea Signs specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of high quality architectural signs.

We can create and execute a common theme for all your architectural signs, unit identification signs, monuments, code signs, Way finding and directional signs, evacuation maps, egress signage, stairwell signs, door signs, health and safety signs, amenity rules and parking structure signs to complement the image of the property.
Examples include company names, permanent directories such as those found in hospitals or bus stations, exit and entry signs.
A typical example may be a company name made up from individual letters, perhaps back-lit with neon, mounted high up on the corner of a building to dominate the environment and be visible from miles around.

Another example may be the requirement for all the interior signs in a new building to have the same look and feel, in which case the challenge has more to do with obtaining consistency and ease of use than achieving a one-off impact with an exterior sign.

We have a lot of experience in dealing with architects, your needs, and the needs of your clients!
You can either provide us with your exact requirements with scale drawings or ask us up front for advice on what might suit you best

In general terms, however, architectural signs and architectural signage are used to create or enhance the image associated with both exterior and interior building environments. Contact us for more details.